Silvercup Properties is a privately held, full service real estate development company, that is actively engaged in both new construction and renovation of existing buildings.  The principals of Silvercup Properties have focused on the New York market for more than 30 years, with experience in adaptive reuse of former industrial properties (Silvercup Studios), condominium, co-op and rental development as well as gut rehabilitation of affordable housing.  Honored by numerous organizations for their service to the community, Silvercup Properties’ principals are committed to the projects they develop.




GF55 Partners is an architecture and interior design firm in New York City with special expertise in urban and multi-family housing. David E. Gross, AIA, is the partner-in-charge for the Harrison. David's projects have received Urban Land Institute Models of Excellence Awards.





Modern Spaces is a professional Real Estate group that was founded and developed in Long Island City. Our passion and love for the neighborhoods we reside in resonates through all of our agents at our LIC, Astoria, Williamsburg, and Chelsea offices.  

Through the use of social media and neighborhood involvement, Modern Spaces has been able to reach out and integrate itself seamlessly with the local community. 

The Modern Spaces specialized sales team, primarily comprised of neighborhood natives and a creative but targeted marketing approach has been the driving force behind our great success in the neighborhood and beyond. In just eight short years we have energized the area’s residences, while also expanding into a total of 3 boroughs.